carbon steel


Downstream of the welding process, the latest-generation Marcegaglia technology used on Kluczbork cold forming lines includes a series of in-line operations such as the removal of the internal welding bead, non-destructive tests and inspections, special tube end finishing and sizing.
Extremely precise inspection of tubes’ outside diameter can be performed directly on the production line using a rotating sampling laser technology developed by Marcegaglia, capable of instantly detecting any variation from the tolerance required for the specific order.

Marcegaglia’s certified production system also ensures that tubes are completely traceable throughout the entire production chain, from the original material to chemical and mechanical properties, to guarantee absolute suitability for the specific applications in accordance with the relevant standards.
After welding and testing, tubes are cut to length, packaged and stored according to any specific requirement.

quality system

The insulated panels production in Praszka has been based on the same quality system developed in the Italian manufacturing centre of Milan, with all major product certifications and CE marking.
A state-of-the-art production facility is dedicated to the engineering and assembly of condensers and evaporators, while the latest addition (January 2012) is the production line of metal handles for household cleaning applications.

Marcegaglia Poland Kluczbork plant

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Marcegaglia Poland Praszka plant

ul. Kaliska 72 - 46-320 Praszka - Poland
phone +48 34 350 15 00
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